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CURRENT EVENT- Parent Fundraiser

April AF! Alcohol Free April 1-30 for Parents

PARENTS: Join Lincoln’s April Alcohol-Free Challenge to raise funds for Health Action Network! Part Book Club, Part Mocktail Party! Your guide is certified sobriety coach (and Lincoln parent) Martha Wright of Clear Power Coaching. Learn more by checking out her recent KATU segment How To Cut Back On Your Drinking.

$49 program fee (plus $100 suggested donation) includes the best-selling book The Alcohol Experiment, weekly informational emails and 2 fun resource-packed meet-ups as a group, April 1 and April 30, with snacks and the most-buzzed about non-alcoholic alternatives coming to market. Prizes for enrolling friends and for collecting pledges!

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The Alcohol Experiment is a book read day-by-day, filled with mind-blowing, educational content that pulls all the best new research, science, and cognitive behavior and habit theory into one exciting, supportive, shame-free place. We’ll discover alcohol’s effects on the body and its role in our culture. We’ll learn how to unearth our subconscious beliefs about alcohol. We’ll hold each other accountable and crowdsource our tips, techniques and observations. Martha will share tactics on managing cravings, navigating upcoming social events and alternative ways to de-stress. The experience will be not only eye-opening but fun. 

In a study at the Royal Free Hospital in London, thousands of participants in a 30-day alcohol free experiment reported being:

Much happier (92% of respondents)

Improved Sleep (82%)

Reduced Anxiety (74%)

More Productive (73%)

Lost Weight (73%)

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If you have any questions whatsoever about your drinking, Martha offers free, confidential phone chats. Don’t hesitate to get in touch via

“It’s amazing that 30 days can make such a difference, after trying for years to find that “epiphany” I was looking for. I didn’t expect it to be as easy as it was. Rethinking what alcohol was (or wasn’t) doing for me, without judgement or shame, made all the difference.”


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